frequently asked questions

If your manuscript is completed or at least 75% completed, congratulations! You’re definitely ready to contact a publisher! Because publishers are often interested in products–not ideas or concepts–having your book as close to completion as possible is best. However, because Mynd Matters Publishing (MMP) offers reader research and strategy add-ons, we are more than willing to work with authors at every stage of their book writing and publishing process. Contact us for a free 30-minute clarity session to determine exactly what you need and how we can best help you achieve it.

We are a publishing consultancy and therefore, operate on a fee-for-service basis. Using a simplified framework, traditional publishing houses receive manuscripts, invest the upfront capital in bringing the book to market, and then distribute a portion of the profit to the author (excluding reimbursement for their publishing & print costs as well as their contracted per book fees). As a publishing consultancy, we work with authors to prepare their manuscript for distribution in the same way as a traditional publisher. However, once the contracted work has been completed, our clients have the freedom to distribute through their preferred platforms, use their preferred printers, and reap all of the financial rewards of their hard work!

While we do not review submitted manuscripts for literary merit, we will provide clients with suggestions that may increase market appeal and profit potential.

Yes, as examples we do not accept pornography, racist and/or hate material. MMP reserves the right to reject any projects/work based on core principles and values of our company.

There is no need to obtain a formal copyright registration before submitting to MMP and it is not necessary to register your work with the Copyright Office to protect it. The act of putting your book, story, or poem on paper (in a “tangible” form) automatically places it under copyright. For more information on rights and copyrights, see

You can formally declare copyright ownership by typing the words “Copyright (year) by (your name)” on the first or title page of your manuscript (e.g., “Copyright 2001 by John Doe”). You can also substitute the copyright symbol for the word “copyright.”

Yes, our contracts are non-exclusive. You are free to publish elsewhere in the future, use a different print company, and make all the important decisions regarding your book.

If you purchase one of our publishing packages, we do NOT allow outside editors and graphic designers. This is non-negotiable, but doesn’t apply to self-published authors who only need customized services. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Our publishing packages can be customized to address your objectives and specific needs. We also offer à la carte services (starting at $500) as well as packaged plans (starting around $3,000). If you’re seeking a publisher, some insight and guidance into the world of publishing, or more in-depth solutions like reader research and strategic marketing plans, we have a solution for you!

We offer flexible, cost-effective payment terms to ensure you’re able to get the results you need without losing sleep or breaking the bank.

This will be determined once your book has been formatted and prepared for final page count.

We limit the availability of this service per year. All ghostwriting services are offered at a premium (starting at $10K)