Hustle, Virginia is a small town full of dirt roads, fast-talking men, and people going nowhere fast. It is also home to the Fortune family—a connected band of boys and girls that grew up fluent in having less but craving more. Nestled comfortably between their reality and unspoken dreams, the Fortunes spend their days tending to the farm, keeping trouble at bay, and hoping for a brighter tomorrow. When, one by one, the teen girls begin to get pregnant and start families of their own, both Hamilton, their older brother, and Rosie, the family’s matriarch, know that something has to change.

Following in the footsteps of her three older sisters, Clara ventures beyond the confines of her hometown and goes to live with them in Philadelphia, coming face to face with a world that changes her in ways she never considered. From the inner-tension of passing as a white woman to falling in love with a mystery man, Clara begins to fall deeper into the big-city lifestyle with little thought to the two children and husband she left behind in Hustle.

Soon, all of the Fortune girls relocate to Philadelphia and get enamored with cars and city streets, nightclubs, fancy clothes, and making more money than they ever believed was possible. But the bright lights begin to dim as true identities and motives are revealed by those they trusted most. Will a double murder be the beginning or end to their problems? When everything starts to spin out of control, will the Fortune girls know how to find their way back home?

Told through the lens of Hamilton and Clara, HUSTLE unravels a lifetime of childhood dreams built on the shoulders of a generation. From unimaginable relationships and questionable connections to the choices each character has to make to survive, it charismatically demonstrates the sacrifices women constantly endure to create better situations for their families – even if it means risking their well-being. HUSTLE is a brilliantly interwoven tale of only being able to find yourself once you leave everything you know behind.

HUSTLE the Musical is also on stage in Philadelphia: May 2019

Release Date: July 3, 2018