Caprice Banks

Missy’s baby girl, Safronia, came into the world wanting to know something about everything so she could have something to say. Safronia’s disposition ran hot and cold every minute of every day. She was a sweet baby one minute and a mad one the next, and not even Missy could call it. Missy would sit coddling little Safronia with clasped arms, drawn to those oak-colored eyes that rekindled the pain and soothed it all in the same moment. Those eyes foretold the story of a life to be lived and a love to be learned. Anybody who ever loved Safronia DueMersi knew that learning what love is was her destiny. 

Caprice Banks is an unapologetically dope dream done being deferred. Hailing from the 60644, she is proud to call Chicago her hometown. But when a life of “no limits” took over in 2015, she made her way to Atlanta, GA, with her son Cuy, and has been a Southern girl ever since. You can catch her walking assuredly in her purpose, rocking wedge pink and purple Puma’s. An English enthusiast, if you hadn’t guessed, she is a high school teacher, college professor, and educational consultant. Little Girl, Grown is her debut novel.

Release Date: February 8, 2019