POSSIBILITOLOGY, Vallori Thomas’ life perspective, brought her back into the mainstream of life from what had been an isolated and marginal existence. She became an executive at one of the world’s most prominent fashion houses, founded a nonprofit to empower women and families, and later embraced entrepreneurship, creating WOW Coaching and Consulting to bring to others what she has come to understand about overcoming, thriving, and the divine gift of reinventing oneself.

In POSSIBILITOLOGY: It’s A Great Day To Be Amazing, Vallori shares her perspective in an easy-to-read, structured and engaging style by leveraging events from her past to illustrate key aspects of Possibilitology. Readers will appreciate the

sensible and straightforward guidance on how to shift their thinking and incorporate the Possibilitology perspective into their own lives and will be forever able to see that It’s A Great Day To Be Amazing.

Release Date: March 1, 2019