World-renowned artifact collector, Ronald Moore, has always had a hunger for adventure and never believed in sharing the fruits of his labor. Behind his admirable reputation as one of the most famous explorers in the world, lies a stubborn man with an unwavering ego. When the seasoned collector is given the most dangerous mission of his career, retrieving The Relic of Power, he is faced with a life-changing reality that makes him question everything he once knew.
Although Susan Klein is a novice to the world of collecting, she quickly learns that finding The Relic of Power is only the beginning as she must first prove herself worthy to her new partner. As they travel deeper into the jungle, Susan wonders if she can trust the man standing beside her, or if her only ally is herself.
Follow Ronald and Susan as they journey through the treacherous Kingdom of Zandina on a quest to save a nation from the power deeply buried within its walls. As they race towards the clock, facing more challenges along the way, find out if Robert and Susan can put their differences aside or will they unravel at the seams, losing any hope of ever finding The Relic of Power.

Release Date: December 1, 2018