After the untimely death of her mother and with only the clothes on her back, shoes much too worn, and a limited supply of food, Tulip sets off on foot, leaving behind the shack she had come to call home. Frightened and hungry, she stumbles upon Betts Farm, which ultimately brings her more harm than help. After what feels like a lifetime, Tulip escapes her captors and eventually falls into the arms of the young and handsome, Malcolm Thornton. Overwhelmed by their insatiable and passionate love, Tulip believes her nightmare is over and she has found safety the family they begin to create. Will Tulip’s happiness last or will a lifetime of lies, secrets, and shame unravel everything she holds dear?

Tulip is the story of how one woman’s heartache and loss can also be the foundation of her faith, family, and greatest hope.

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Client: Mary E. Chambers

Release Date: May 14, 2019